Galaxy F pictured alongside Galaxy S5 with bigger display, thinner bezels


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy F — or Galaxy S5 Prime, as it has previously been known — will be almost exactly the same size as the original Galaxy S5, but it will pack a larger display and thinner bezels. That’s according to a new leaked picture of the device, which shows how it will stack up against Samsung’s current flagship.

The Galaxy F is expected to be a much-improved version of the current Galaxy S5, with a slightly more premium design, a bigger and better display, an even faster processor, and an improved rear-facing camera. If you’ve already upgraded to the Galaxy S5, it’s going to make you very jealous.

Some of the improvements Samsung has made to the Galaxy F’s design are evident in the photo above. It clearly has a larger display — said to be around 5.2 to 5.3 inches big — with a sharper Quad HD resolution. And yet, its footprint is the same as the Galaxy S5’s — if not smaller — thanks to its incredibly narrow bezels.

This is exactly what Samsung needs to compete with the LG G3, which is already wowing consumers with its beautiful design and super-sharp display. While the Galaxy F doesn’t have rear-facing buttons or laser autofocus, it is likely to get a faster Qualcomm 805 processor, and a dust- and water-resistant form factor.

In addition, recent reports have claimed it will pack 3GB of RAM, and an improved 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. The device is expected to make its debut this fall, around the same time as Apple’s iPhone 6.

Samsung certainly isn’t famous for great design — at least not when it comes to smartphones and tablets — but it does make great devices. And if the Galaxy F lives up to the hype, it could well be the best yet. If you’re a Samsung fan, hold onto your cash for a little while longer, and whatever you do, don’t spend it on an original Galaxy S5.