SwiftKey 5 goes free with premium themes and emojis


SwiftKey, one of the biggest and best third-party keyboards for Android, today received a major update that adds a plethora of awesome new features. In addition to support for premium themes and a theme store, SwiftKey version 5 brings emojis, a dedicated number row, and an improved prediction engine.

And best of all, it’s now completely free.

SwiftKey is arguably the best third-party keyboard you can get on Android. It’s well designed, it works great, and it’s packed full of useful features that improve your touchscreen typing experience — such as personalized predictions, smarter autocorrect, and the ability to sync with services like Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter.

And with version 5, SwiftKey becomes even better. One of its most requested features — support for premium themes — comes via the SwiftKey Store. You can now purchase new looks individually for $0.99 each (there are some free options), or in packs of five priced at around $2.99.


The SwiftKey Store is now the app’s main source of revenue, so the SwiftKey keyboard itself becomes completely free to download and use. If you don’t already have it, then, now’s the perfect time to go grab it and see what all the fuss is about.

In addition to premium themes, SwiftKey 5 adds emojis, and there are more than 800 to choose from. User can also add a dedicated number row to their keyboards for easier access. The update also makes some improvements to the prediction engine, Flow accuracy, and Flow trails.

SwiftKey 5 is available to download now from Google Play — just follow the link below.