CyanogenMod’s Theme Showcase is coming to Google Play


Theme Showcase, the powerful customization engine that’s baked into CyanogenMod, will soon be available from Google Play. Its release will allow those who don’t use CyanogenMod custom ROMs to take advantage of its theming features, such as the ability to apply different fonts, icons, wallpapers, and even boot logos.


Theme Showcase on the OnePlus One.

Theming and customization has long been one of the biggest advantages of buying an Android device. Google gives users the chance to tweak almost every element of their operating system, and this kind of freedom is what sets the Android platform apart from rivals like iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10.

If you wish to, you can take customization into your own hands and apply your own tweaks as you see fit. Alternatively, you can make things easier by applying complete theme packages with an app like Theme Showcase. It isn’t the first Android app that offers this functionality, but it is one of the best.

Not only does Theme Showcase skin your phone with new wallpapers and icons, but it can also customize its boot logo, font, ringtones, lock screen, and more. You can browse through hundreds of unique themes and select the one you want, then decide whether to apply the whole package or just individual elements.

For instance, you can combine stock Android’s logos, lock screen, and fonts with your phone’s default boot logo, and your own wallpaper and ringtones. And with new content added every Thursday, you’ll always find something fresh.

Theme Showcase will be available to download from Google Play on June 16, and it will be free to download.