Plans for an HTC One M8 Prime have reportedly been scrapped


HTC’s plan to launch an even better version of its flagship One M8 this year has been “suspended indefinitely,” according to the ever-reliable @Evleaks.

The One M8 “Prime” was expected to bring a much-improved 16-megapixel UltraPixel camera, a bigger and better display, and a new form factor made from “an exotic material” — but it now appears the original M8 will be HTC’s one and only flagship for 2014.

While I personally regard the One M8 as the best Android-powered smartphone you can buy today, I don’t deny that it needs improvement in places — particularly with regards to its inconsistent Duo Camera setup. The rumored M8 Prime was set to bring those improvements, as well as new innovations.

We’ve even seen leaked pictures of its new UltraPixel camera, which had a sensor so big, it protruded out from the back of the device. Specifications were to include Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 805 processor, clocked at 2.3GHz; 3GB of RAM; a larger 5.5-inch Quad-HD display; and a USB 3.0 charging port.

These components were to be packaging inside a new, water-resistant form factor made from “a composite of aluminum and liquid silicone.” Sounds sexy, doesn’t it? Well, forget about it.

If you’ve been holding onto your cash in anticipation for this device, you may as well go and spend it on the original M8. “Development on Prime has been suspended indefinitely,” @Evleaks confirmed today, without divulging the reason behind HTC’s supposed decision.

HTC won’t confirm that the Prime has been canceled, of course, (or acknowledge it ever existed) but given the impressive track record of @Evleaks, we have no reason to doubt these claims are genuine. That’s a shame for some, but for others — namely those who have already upgraded to the M8 — it’s likely to be good news.

Few things are more painful than committing to a new two-year agreement for a smartphone only to see it replaced by an even better model months later — and that’s a possibility M8 owners have been faced with over the past few weeks since the Prime rumors began circulating.

They can now breathe a sigh of relief, safe in the knowledge that their device will remain HTC’s latest flagship for the foreseeable future.