OnePlus One gets official TWRP custom recovery


It may be near impossible to obtain a OnePlus One right now, but that hasn’t prevented the folks behind the Team Win Recovery Project from announcing the handset’s first custom recovery. The release will allow the first OnePlus One owners to start flashing custom ROMs and tweaks to their device as soon as the first batch is shipped next month.

A custom recovery is essential for installing third-party ROMs and tweaks on any Android device, and TWRP is one of the biggest and best available. This is great news for potential OnePlus One owners who plan to tinker with their smartphone’s software, then. But of course, in order to do that, you need something to flash.

Thanks to OnePlus’s invite system, you can’t just buy its new smartphone; you have to wait until OnePlus tells you that you can buy its new smartphone. And that’s not going to happen until June 6 at the earliest. That means there are only a handful of One handsets out in the wild right now, and the development community is still pretty nonexistent.

It’ll be a while before we see custom ROMs for the One, then — but you can be sure they will come as the device slowly becomes more and more popular. And at just $299 for a 16GB model, that seems almost inevitable.

If you are lucky enough to be one of the first to bag a OnePlus One, you’ll find the TWRP recovery via the source link below.