OnePlus promises invite ‘storm’ coming this June


Still waiting for your invite to buy the OnePlus One? So are plenty of others. Not even competition winners have received theirs yet. But don’t worry — they are on the way. In an update on its official forum, OnePlus promises an invite “storm” is on its way next month.

Designed to alleviate the impatience and frustrating that can come with a traditional pre-orders, the OnePlus invite system allows customers to purchase its new smartphone only after they’ve been issued with an invite. But more than a month after the One got its official unveiling, those invites are nowhere to be seen. So where are they?

Well, OnePlus originally promised that the first batch — which was saved for winner of its “Smash the Past” competition — would be issued in late May. Unfortunately, a technical glitch prevented that from happening.

We have had a 4 days delay to work out a few software issues that only appear in the rarest situations,” OnePlus explained in a forum update. This delay means that the initial batch of updates has had to be delayed until June 6. The good news is, a torrent of them will be coming over the next few weeks.

For those of you still waiting on invites, don’t worry,” OnePlus said. “We feel a storm coming this June.”

Competition winners will still get their invites first, while others will receive them soon after. As soon as you have your invite, you’ll be able to place your order for a OnePlus One and it will ship within 3-5 business days. As you can see from the photos below, the initial batch of handsets is already boxed up in a warehouse and waiting to be sent out.

While the wait for the One has been pretty painful, it’s good to see OnePlus is still making progress — and that the first handsets will be sent out in just a few weeks. We’ve hoping to get our invite soon, too, and as soon as we do, we’ll bring you hands-on coverage and a full review.