With Android app, Secret gets more personal (and far more pervasive)


Still writing your secrets on the walls in public restrooms? Sometimes there are things you just have to confess — to someone — but you don’t want to tell people you know because they might tell people they know and you didn’t want them to know. You know?

There’s a better way. It’s called Secret, and it’s an anonymous sharing network that’s now available on Android.

Secret has become popular since making its debut on iOS back in January, attracting loads of users (and millions in VC funding). Bringing the app to Android users will only broaden the reach of what’s become one of the easiest ways to share candid confessions from behind a virtual cloak of invisibility. Beyond the gossip, some people have taken to Secret and similar “anonymish” apps to spill supposed corporate and government secrets, although that’s not recommended due to the services’ lack of true anonymity.

Still, Secret doesn’t need to know a lot about you before you can peer into its scandalous world. In fact, all it really needs is your email address — but you can also supply a phone number to give it a better chance of finding your “friends” if you wish (it’s optional). You cannot find friends yourself because you cannot know who’s telling secrets.

Once you’re all set up, Secret will present you with a stream of random secrets. You’ll be able to see where they’re from and if they were posted by friends or friends of friends, but you won’t be able to see who those friends are. Android users have the ability to filter secrets to show information posted by friends — a feature that isn’t yet available on iOS.


When you get likes or comments on your own secrets, you’ll get notifications to keep you updated. You can then take part in discussions or conversations “that you can’t have anywhere else.”

What’s great about Secret is that everyone uses it in a different way. While some will tell stories about humiliating events they wish they could forget, others will tell heartwarming ones about events they love to remember. Some will spill the juicy details on a bitter breakup, others will declare their undying love for those closest to them.

And as you might expect, there are plenty of NSFW anecdotes from pubescent teens who just need to tell everyone and anyone about what they’ve been up to.

Secret is completely free to download and use, and you’ll find it in Google Play now by following the link below.