Get your $33 ‘Google Glass’ before it’s too late


Google Glass is immensely difficult to get hold of right now. In fact, you have little to no chance of bagging the device if you live outside of the U.S. and don’t have a spare $1,500. But thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign, you can now become a Google Glass owner for just $33.

You’ll have to act quickly, though, because it’s almost certainly going to get pulled by Google. And yes, there is a catch.

This particular Google Glass is a little different to the original. You don’t wear it on your face and it cannot run any apps, but it is water-resistant and dishwasher safe. You can also have your name etched into it, which is something Google doesn’t offer with its own device.

In case you haven’t already guessed, this Google Glass is just a glass with Google’s logo on it. Here’s the Kickstarter video.

You’ll need to pledge around $33 to the campaign to get a Google Glass of your own, or around $50 if you want it personalized. And you’ll need to do it quickly. Given that its creators have slapped Google’s logo on this — without permission — it probably won’t be long before Google’s lawyers have the campaign shut down.