Get EA’s Titanfall companion app for the ultimate second-screen experience

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Hey, Titanfall players, disembark your mechs and listen up! EA just dropped a brand new Titanfall companion app for Android and iOS that delivers the ultimate second-screen experience. You won’t want to continue playing the game without it.

EA has launched a number of companion apps for mobile, but I’m not sure any of them have been as exciting as this one. Not only does the Titanfall companion app allow you to view all of your stats, but if you connect it to your Xbox One, it turns your smartphone or tablet into a second screen.

Real-time mini-maps at your fingertips.

Real-time mini-maps at your fingertips.

While you play the game on your TV, you can take advantage of an interactive mini-map that’s always at your fingertips. It will show you exactly where you are in real-time, allow you to track teammates, and help you find where all the action is happening on the map.

You can zoom in and out to focus on key areas, or to locate friends on the battlefield. EA also promises “a filter to access additional map information that cannot be accessed anywhere else, giving you an advantage in game.” Sounds pretty darn terrific, right?

And that wasn’t enough, the new app also allows you to view real-time scoreboards while you play, and see all of your game stats — including your total number of kills, your favorite weapons, the total time you’ve spent playing the game, and more.

The Titanfall companion app is completely free, and it’s available to download now on Android and iOS — just follow the links below.