Google Play Store Updated With Improved App Tabs, Review Filters, And More

An update to the Google Play Store is being pushed out to users, bumping it up to version 3.5.15. You’ll find a few nice changes along with the usual bug fixes. You’ll now have an Installed and All tab for your apps. Like the web version, the All tab will show you all the apps you’ve ever downloaded, even if you’ve since removed them from your device. There’s even a handy dropdown menu for easily switching between your accounts should you have more than one.

The new update also brings the same review filters found on the desktop version. You can filter reviews to show ones for the “Latest version only” or “From this type of phone only,” as well as by “Most helpful first” or “Newest first.” You’ll also find that reviews include the type of device used by the reviewer. All-in-all a better system for getting a more accurate view of how the app may or may not perform on your device.

We’re pretty happy with the changes and we’re sure you will be too. If you don’t see the update yet don’t worry, it’s coming.