PayPal Brings A Triangle To A Square Fight, Unveils New “Here” Mobile Payment System

Paypal has finally made it into the mobile payment market after being beat to the punch by the likes of Square and Intuit. PayPal may be late to the party but they have a more recognizable name in the world of payment systems and that may just be enough to push them to the front of the line. Besides their name, they’re also offering merchants a 2.7% flat rate on transactions versus the 2.75% offered by Square. PayPal didn’t stop there either, launching a full on geometrical attack by choosing a triangle as the shape of choice for their card reader dongle.

The new PayPal Here Dongle is only available to select merchants at this time but you can sign up to be notified when they finally go public. The app, however, is now available on iOS and will be coming to Android soon. Why choose Paypal Here over its competitors? Well, according to Paypal:

  • More ways to get paid. PayPal Here supports credit cards, debit cards, cash, check and PayPal. You can even send electronic invoices
  • PayPal Here uses encryption to help protect card information as it swipes
  • Competitive pricing at a 2.70% per swipe, free check acceptance and mobile invoicing
  • Comes with free PayPal Debit MasterCard (US only) which earns 1% cash back on purchases and gives you immediate cash access at ATMs
  • Attracts new customers. Your business will appear in the PayPal mobile app, used by millions of PayPal customers looking for local shops and services
  • Industry leading security and fraud protection
  • Live phone and online customer support
  • Global availability in the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia

If you’re interested in the PayPal Here service and would like to learn more, follow the source link below and get ready to start triangulating your sales with PayPal Square erm… I mean Here.