News app that made teen a millionaire hits Android


Yahoo News Digest, the popular need-to-know news reader that summarizes lengthy reads into easily digestible snippets, is now available on Android — four months after making its debut on iOS. The app is powered by the Summly technology that made teenage creator Nick D’Aloisio a multi-millionaire when it was acquired by Yahoo last year.

What’s great about Yahoo News Digest is that it makes catching up with the day’s biggest news easy — even if you’re short on time. It takes regular news stories and summarizes them to provide you only with the bits you need to know, so that they’re quick and easy to digest.

Here’s how it works: News Digest pulls the same news stories from multiple sources and breaks them down into “atoms.” Atoms can include key quotes, images, videos, maps, infographs, and Wikipedia excerpts. It then takes the key atoms — the ones you need to know about — and presents them to you in a summary.

The service uses both D’Aloisio’s impressive algorithm, which was the brains behind Summly, plus hand curation by real people to provide high-quality content that’s understandable and easy to read. Once you’ve started getting your news from News Digest, you won’t want to get it anywhere else.

News Digest is currently available in English only, but Yahoo promises that translated versions are coming soon. The app is completely free, and you can download it now from Google Play by following the link below.