New ‘Galaxy S5 Dx’ makes brief appearance on Samsung’s website


The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini could launch with the “Galaxy S5 Dx” moniker, according to a leak that comes direct from Samsung. A new Galaxy S5 variant with this name made a brief appearance on the South Korean company’s website this week, indicating its official unveiling may be right around the corner.

The Galaxy S5 Dx looks almost identical to the original Galaxy S5; it has the same Band-Aid-inspired back panel, and it appears to be running the latest TouchWiz software with compatibility with the latest Galaxy Gear lineup. But there are a number of noticeable differences.

In addition to more rounded corners — they’re more like the Galaxy S4’s than the Galaxy S5’s — there is no heartbeat sensor beneath the rear-facing camera. There’s also a green model in the image, while the original Galaxy S5 is only available in black, blue, white, and bronze at this point.

We also expect the Galaxy S5 Dx to be smaller than the original Galaxy S5, but without any specifications for the display, it’s hard to determine how much smaller it will be. Of course, we’re also likely to see modest internals; both the Galaxy S3 mini and the Galaxy S4 mini had midrange specs.

The image above was published by reliable leaker @Evleaks, so we have no reason to doubt its authenticity. And if Samsung is already making preparations on its website for the handset’s launch, it’s possible we could see an official announcement in the near future.