Google Glass wearers will be able to send money from their specs


Google Wallet is coming to Google Glass, and it’s going to be the coolest way to send money to your friends.

According to sources familiar with Google’s plans, the new app is already being tested internally, and it’s expected to make its way to all Glass users in the near future. When it does, they’ll be able to pay friends simply by telling their specs to “send money.”

Imagine you’re having dinner with your bestie at a fancy restaurant. You’ve agreed to split the bill, but to make things easier, they’ve put it all on their card and told you to just give them your half back later. You know you’ll forget all about it, but you don’t want to pull out your phone at the table and send it there and then. That’s just rude.

Instead, how about you just say “send money,” and then complete the entire exchange using a Google Wallet app installed on your Google Glass. That’s the idea, according to sources familiar with Google’s plans who have been speaking to TechCrunch.

The Wallet app is already being tested by Google employees, and the only way to obtain it right now is to connect Glass to Google’s corporate servers and install it from there (talk about security!). But the app is expected to make its way to other Glass Explorers in the near future.

Presumably, this and other Glass features will also be available on Android Wear later on, too — so if you don’t like the idea of wearing $1,500 smart specs everywhere you go, you can wait for it all to be available from your wrist.