Zynga’s Scramble With Friends Now Available In The Google Play Store

There’s no denying the popularity of Zynga’s games and although their Words With Friends Android debut wasn’t so great, it still managed to surpass 20 million downloads. Words With Friends has been ending marriages and creating insomniacs since its inception and now they plan on getting you fired thanks to another great word game Scramble With Friends.

Scramble With Friends is now available in the Google Play Store and features Boggle-style gameplay along with features such as:

  • Challenge your friends in 3, two-minute rounds…the player with the highest score wins.
  • Power-Ups! Use Freeze Time, Inspire, and Scramble to gain an edge on your friends!
  • Login with your Facebook© account to play against your friends, or challenge a random opponent across the world.
  • View all of your in-progress games or launch a new game directly from the home screen widget.

So if you’re looking to get 11-points off the word quagmire, hit up the Android Market link below to download Scramble With Friends.

Google Play Store | Scramble With Friends