HTC Sense 6 Has Been Ported To The Nexus 5


Wondering whether you should give up your Nexus 5 with pure Android for the gorgeous aluminum form factor of the HTC One M8 with Sense 6? Well you can now HTC’s latest user interface for a test drive on your existing device, thanks to an unofficial Sense 6 port.

Recognized XDA Developers contributor “GalaxyUser” has extracted the Sense 6 launcher from the One M8 and made it somewhat compatible with the Nexus 5. As you might expect from an early alpha build of an unofficial port, however, not everything works as it should.

The basics are working — including the touchscreen, SIM card detection, SMS and phone calling, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and most of the internal sensors. But non-functional hardware at this time includes NFC, GPS, the camera, and the speakers.

You definitely don’t want to install this on a daily driver, then. At the moment, it’s only really good for testing, and recommended only for developers who have a spare Nexus 5 that they don’t rely on. Also bear in mind that you’ll need to wipe your Nexus 5 and its existing ROM to install this, so be sure to backup.

Those who do rely on their Nexus 5 as a daily driver will want to wait until this ROM is more stable before flashing it.

To try Sense 6 on the Nexus 5, follow the source link below where you’ll find the files you need, and step-by-step instructions.