Google Now To Remind Forgetful Folk Where They Parked Their Car


An upcoming Google Now update will allow the intelligent digital assistant to remind users where they parked their car. It will automatically save your vehicle’s location when you stop, helping you to avoid a lengthy stroll around the parking lot in an effort to find your car.



We’ve all been there before. You’re in a rush and you leave your car before you’ve had time to note exactly where you’ve parked it. When you return several hours later, you have no idea where it is.

Google Now will soon be able to get you out of that situation, according to code discovered by Android Police.

It’s thought the feature will automatically save the location of your car, as well as the time at which you left it, when you stop. If it doesn’t get the location spot on, you’ll be able to tap a “Not where you parked button?” and correct it.

There are a bunch of third-party apps that offer this kind of functionality already, of course — but having it built into Google Now means little effort is required by the user. You shouldn’t need to open anything when you park — Google Now will just remember your vehicle’s location automatically.

It’s worth noting, however, that just because this code has been spotted in the latest Google Now APK, there’s no guarantee it will ever become available to the public. Instead, it could simply be scrapped after testing.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed, though; this could be an extremely handy feature for lots of Android users.