Galaxy S5 Endures Unbelievable Water Torture – And Survives! [Video]


One of the best things about the Galaxy S5 is that you can get it wet. Not just a little bit wet, but completely soaking wet. It’s IP67 certified, which means you can literally take it swimming (up to 1 meter deep) or watch YouTube videos in the bath and it’s going to be just fine.

And just in case you were skeptical of Samsung’s claims, check out the video below, which puts the Galaxy S5’s waterproof form factor to the test in a swimming pool — and in a washing machine.

Keaton Keller of TechSmartt — a YouTube channel well worth subscribing to — loves smartphone torture tests. So naturally, he didn’t just dip his Galaxy S5 in a bowl of water to test Samsung’s claims — he went all out to see what its waterproof design is really capable of.

After leaving the handset at the bottom of a pool for an hour, Keaton threw his device in the washing machine with a pair of jeans. The results will probably surprise you.

I don’t know about you, but I’m super impressed with how the Galaxy S5 handles these tests. Samsung says it’ll cope with up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes, but quite clearly, it’s capable of much more than that. Not even a speedy spin cycle could kill it.

If you’re buying the Galaxy S5 for its swimming abilities, then, you’re not going to be disappointed.