Sprint’s HTC One M8 Gets New Update With Extreme Power Saving


Sprint today rolled out its first software update for the HTC One M8, adding HTC’s new Extreme Power Saving mode. The feature promises longer standby times when you’re low on power, giving you more time to gain access to a power outlet and charger.

Once activated from the quick settings pane, Extreme Power Saving mode disables all but the most basic features on your device. So while you’re still be able to make calls and send text messages, social networks and other services will no longer sync in the background.

This means that little bit of battery life you have left will last longer than it normally would — though how much longer depends on how much energy you have left, and how much you use those basic functions. HTC claims you can get around 15 hours from just 5% of battery, but presumably that’s with no use at all.

Extreme Power Saving mode came to the international version of the HTC One M8 shortly after the handset made its debut last week, and it’s now making its way to devices in the U.S. The update arriving on Sprint models weighs in at just under 115MB, and also adds a number of performance and stability improvements.