Verizon Finally Starts Taking Galaxy S5 Pre-Orders


Verizon Wireless has finally confirmed its pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and begun taking pre-orders, just one week ahead of the handset’s launch. In line with other U.S. carriers, Big Red is charging $199.99 for the new flagship — after a $50 mail-in rebate — when you take out a two-year contract.

The Galaxy S5 is eligible for Verizon’s ongoing buy one get one free offer, allowing you to take out a second device on another two-year contract while avoiding the upfront fee.

Alternatively, you can buy the device outright for $599.99.

Verizon is currently offering the Galaxy S5 in either black or white, with the gold and blue models nowhere to be seen at this point. The handset will ship by April 11, its launch date in the U.S.