Galaxy S5 Has ‘The Best Performing Smartphone Display’ Ever Tested [Report]


Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S5 has “the best performing smartphone display” ever tested by the experts at DisplayMate Technologies.

The company today published its latest report which compares the new flagship against its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, and Samsung’s high-end phablet the Galaxy Note 3 — and it beats them both in every way possible.

Like a lot of Samsung smartphones, the Galaxy S5 has an OLED display. For many years — since mobile OLED displays made their debut with the Google Nexus One in 2010 — this technology has been trying its best to catch up with LCD. But according to DisplayMate’s Dr. Raymond Soneira, it just took over.

“While many people have assumed that the Galaxy S5 has basically the same display as the Galaxy S4, but just a bit bigger, that isn’t the case,” Soneira reports.

“Our detailed Lab tests show that the Galaxy S5 display is a major improvement over the Galaxy S4 and a significant improvement over the Galaxy Note 3 in almost every single test and measurement category.”

Soneria concludes that the Galaxy S5 is “a good reason to consider upgrading.”

Not only is the Galaxy S5’s display slightly larger than the Galaxy S4’s, but it also has more accurate color — the most accurate color of any smartphone DisplayMate has tested to date.  It also offers higher brightness levels, less reflectivity, the highest contrast rating in ambient light, and excellent viewing angles.

And if you think those advantages are going to mean less battery life, you’d be wrong. In fact, the Galaxy S5’s display is 27 percent more power efficient than the Galaxy S4’s, and 27 percent more efficient than competing full HD smartphones with LCD displays.

In every way, then, the Galaxy S5’s display is the best mobile display Samsung has ever produced.

DisplayMate hasn’t yet compared the Galaxy S5 against other 2014 flagships — such as the Sony Xperia Z2 and the HTC One M8 — but based on this report, those devices will have to be pretty special in order to beat it.