Google And ASUS Could Unveil Rumored Nexus Tablet As Early As May

According to some industry sources that spoke with DigiTimes, we could be seeing the mythical Google Nexus tablet as early as May. It’s reported that ASUS will be the one to manufacturer the 7″ low cost tablet after other potential partners didn’t quite make the cut. Apparently HTC and Acer were in the running, but after HTC’s unwillingness to to develop a low-price model and Acer’s lack of in-house R&D, ASUS was declared the winner. Considering ASUS’s recent dedication to Android and the tablet market, I would not be surprised at all if they end up manufacturing the Nexus tablet, in fact I expect it.

At CES last year, ASUS unveiled their plans to release a powerful 7″ quad-core Tegra 3 tablet with Android 4.0 at the incredible price of $249. This news took the mobile world by storm and had everyone ready to throw their money at it. Having a device that powerful at an affordable price would certainly fit in with the rumored Nexus tablet which is supposed to be a low-cost Kindle killer. The rumors certainly have plausibility, whether or not they will come to fruition is another thing. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and you can be sure I’ll be first in line should this unicorn make it to the market.