Google Throws Us A Curve Ball, Rebrands Android Market “Google Play”

Google completely caught us off guard today when they announced the rebranding of the Android Market and the consolidation of all their digital media into the new Android Play media hub. Apparently Google has decided it’s better to have a single Google Play branding versus the multitude of names including Android Market, Google Music, Google Books, etc. Everything will now fall under the Google Play umbrella and other than the name change, everything looks to be the same.

Google has stated the infrastructure and policies remain the same so the transition will be seamless for users and developers alike. All services appear to function in the same manner they did before. You’ll be able to navigate and use Google Play in the same way you’re used to using the Android Market. The new Google Play app will soon replace the Android Market app on Android devices and is set to begin rolling out today. Personally I’m not feeling the new name, but as with any change, it takes a bit to adjust. What do you guys think of the new branding? Let us know and then hit the source links below for more information on Google’s new media hub Google Play.