Vueling Brings ‘World’s First Wearable Boarding Pass’ To Sony SmartWatch 2


Sony has teamed up with Spanish airline Vueling to launch “the world’s first wearable boarding pass” for its SmartWatch 2. Users will be presented with a 2D barcode that will be displayed on their wrist, negating the need to print their own boarding cards before leaving for the airport.

Airlines will charge you a small fortune if you turn up for your flight without your boarding pass, or you lose it on the way to the airport. But those with a Sony SmartWatch 2 no longer have to worry about that… if they fly Vueling.

They can save printer ink and wear their boarding pass instead.

“This new app will make starting your journey that bit more seamless – using a 2D barcode, it puts flight information and boarding passes on your wrist,” Sony says.

Many airlines provide digital passes that can be used on smartphones, of course, but Sony says this is the world’s first for a smartwatch. We have a feeling it’ll soon have lots of competitors thanks to Android Wear, though.

Vueling’s new SmartWatch 2 app will be available from Google Play at the end of this month.