Reckless Racing 2 Comes To Life In Latest Xperia Studio Project [Video]

I bet you thought you were pretty cool showing off your X-ray app and farting cat. Well, it’s time to get schooled by some professionals who are going to show you just how amazing your phone could be. Watch as car-hacker/engineer Dr. James Brighton recreates the popular mobile racing game Reckless Racing 2 using two MGF sports cars and an Xperia Play and Xperia S. This was all done in conjunction with Xperia Studio, a project created by Sony which invites people across the globe to test the limits of mobile technology. It never ceases to amaze me what some individuals can accomplish and it’s projects like these that get me excited about the future.

If you’re into racing games and play them on your mobile device, chances are you’ve heard of Reckless Racing. It’s a popular racing game franchise developed by Pixelbite and published by Polarbit and EA Mobile. It features 3D graphics, dirt tracks, power slides and a variety of detailed cars and characters. Watch Dr. James Brighton and the Pixelbrite team bring the game to life using a couple of Xperia phones to remotely control two MGF sports cars as they powerslide their way around a real-life dirt track.

Now how am I ever supposed to play with my dinky RC car after seeing this?

To see how James Brighton hooked up the two cars to the phones, check out this video

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