Key Lime Pie To Come After Jelly Bean? We’ll Be Happy With Ice Cream Sandwich

If you’re new to Android you may be trying to figure out what all these tasty desserts have to do with your favorite mobile OS. Well, Google likes to name every major version of Android after a delicious treat and has been following alphabetically ever since Cupcake. We’re currently on the letter “I” and that’s why you’ll hear Android 4.0 referred to as Ice Cream Sandwich. Up next is “J,” and Google has all but confirmed Jelly Bean, but what if we told you they’ve also decided on a name for the OS after Jelly Bean? Hopefully you’d say “Woah, hold your cupcakes!” I mean seriously, only 1% of Android users even have Ice Cream Sandwich and you want to talk about an OS that probably won’t be out until 2014!? Rest assured we feel the same way, but if you’re still curious, a reliable source has told The Verge that Key Lime Pie will follow Jelly Bean.

Key Lime Pie makes sense considering there aren’t really any tasty desserts that start with the letter “K.” Of course there’s no telling what new features Key Lime Pie will have but we’re guessing teleportation and a stun ray will be included. What about you guys, what features do you think Key Lime Pie will have? As you dream up the possibilities, we’ll keep reaching out to OEM’s and carriers to see when Ice Cream Sandwich will arrive.