App Inventor Lives On Thanks To Open-Source And MIT

We have some good news for anyone interested in the world of app development. App Inventor has returned! For anyone who remembers, App Inventor was a way for your average person to learn about development while creating simple apps using a drag-and-drop concept. A year and many cat apps later, App Inventor was discontinued by Google and open-sourced for anyone looking to further its development. Being an educational tool, it wasn’t surprising when the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) decided to scoop it up and continue the work Google started. Fast-forward to today, and the first beta-version of MIT App Inventor is ready for download to anyone with a Google account.

If you’re just starting out or have been considering the world of Android app development, MIT provides some great tutorials along with the App inventor. You probably won’t be developing the next Angry Birds on it but it’s a great educational tool and worth the look. If you’d like more information about the MIT App Inventor, follow the source link below to get started. Happy developing.

via Phandroid