Google To Bring Games To ‘Nexus TV’ With Latest Acquisition [Rumor]


Google is expected to make gaming a major focus for its upcoming “Nexus TV” following its acquisition of Green Throttle Games, the company behind the Atlas game controller for Android.

The search giant’s upcoming set-top box will reportedly compete with Android-powered consoles like the OUYA, allowing users to play smartphone and tablet games on their TVs.

“Behind the scenes, sources close to the situation report that the Green Throttle Games acquisition is a clear signal that Google looking at anchoring its set-top TV box,” PandoDaily reports.

Google refused to disclose details of its plans, but it has confirmed its acquisition of Green Throttle Games. Launched in 2012, Green Throttle was backed by $6 million in series A funding led by Trinity Ventures and DCM, but it was criticized for being too far behind devices like the OUYA.

Green Throttle’s Atlas controller connected to Android-powered devices via Bluetooth with the help of its Arena companion app. While the controller can still be purchased from retailers like Amazon, however, Arena was pulled from Google Play last November.

As a result, lots of customers who purchased the device cannot use it, and Green Throttle has essentially vanished. Calls to its helpline are not answered, PandoDaily reports, while its Facebook fan page is filled with comments from unhappy customers who are being ignored.

But Green Throttle obviously hasn’t shuttered altogether, because parts of the company have been snapped up by Google. In addition, two of the company’s three co-founders — Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend — will be joining the Google team.

Rumor has it Google will announce its set-top box, which some reports have claimed will be named “Nexus TV,” sometime this year.