All New HTC One Covers Leaked As Google Play Edition Is Confirmed


HTC has developed its own alternative to accessories like the Samsung S View cover and LG QuickWindow folio for the upcoming “All New HTC One.” The Taiwanese company’s new case sports dozens of tiny holes in its front cover that offer a peek at the time, the weather, and other handy information.

And the HTC leaks certainly don’t stop there today. A reliable source also promises that the new HTC One will also be available as a Google Play Edition device.

HTC’s new case hasn’t been named yet, and it’s not entirely clear how exactly it will work — but as you can see from the leaked press image above, courtesy of @Evleaks, it will feature lots of tiny holes that give users a glance at the handset’s display while the case is closed. Through those holes, they’ll be able to see the time, the weather, and presumably incoming notifications as well.

The case will be available in a variety of colors, including black, blue, red, and green.

@Evleaks, who has proven to be incredibly reliable in then past, also promises that like its predecessor, the All New HTC One will be available as a Google Play Edition device, powered by stock Android and free from HTC’s Sense user interface. We don’t yet no whether this model will be available at launch, or whether we’ll have to wait for it.