Check Out These Stunning Galaxy S5 Camera Samples [Gallery]


Samsung made a big fuss out of the Galaxy S5’s new 16-megapixel camera during its Unpacked 5 event in Barcelona, and based on these stunning sample shots, it would have been silly not to. The new flagship takes smartphone photography to a whole new level — a level I don’t think we’ve seen on Android ever before.

I know, I know — I’m gushing. But you will be, too, when you check out the gallery below. The images were obtained by Russian website Mobile-Review, and they showcase what the Galaxy S5’s new camera is capable of.

Here are some standard shots:

These images were taken using the Galaxy S5’s new rich tone HDR+ feature, an improved version of standard HDR that works in real-time (there’s no need to hold your phone still and wait). As you can see, the differences between a standard shot and those taken with HDR+ are like night and day — literally.

The photos below use the Galaxy S5’s new selective focus feature to provide a shallow depth of field. This is the same kind of effect you get from a good DSLR camera, and thanks to Samsung, it’s now possible on your smartphone.

To see more of these impressive Galaxy S5 camera samples — including panoramic images and those taken with Drama Mode — follow the source link below to Mobile-Review.