Latest Teaser For All New HTC One Promises ‘Sleeker’ Unibody Design [Video]


HTC’s latest promotional video for the upcoming “All New HTC One” teases the handset’s “sleeker” unibody construction, which is both taller and thinner than the original model. The first HTC One had a plastic chassis that held the front and rear aluminum panels together, but HTC appears to have eliminated that for its latest flagship.

Like the last teaser, which promised BoomSound speaker improvements, this one doesn’t give away any juicy details. It does say the new HTC One is “even sleeker,” but that’s about it. Thanks to the countless leaks we’ve seen in recent weeks, however, we already know what the handset has in store for us.

Like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, the new HTC One appears to be build into an aluminum unibody that seamlessly wraps all the way around the edges of the device to meet the front bezel. There’s no plastic chassis any more — at least not one we can see from the outside of the device — so the new handset looks (and presumably feels) even more premium than the original.

Other design changes will include a larger display, two rear-facing cameras, and a microSD card slot in the side of the device. HTC has also dropped those capacitive touch buttons that it traditionally places beneath its displays in favor of virtual, on-screen ones.

HTC will announce the new One at an event in New York City on March 25. We expect to see more teaser videos like this one before then — and probably more leaks, too.