Samsung Teases Galaxy S5’s Next-Generation LED Flash


We already know the Galaxy S5 is likely to sport a 16-megapixel camera, thanks to a sample photo that was published on Flickr earlier today. But Samsung looks set to make other changes to improve its photography capabilities, too.

The South Korean company has today teased a new LED flash module on its blog that “will be used in the next Galaxy smartphone.”

Samsung doesn’t mention the Galaxy S5 specifically, of course, but given that it would only debut innovative new technology inside a flagship device — and that it’s next flagship device is almost certainly the Galaxy S5 — it seems pretty obvious where this LED module is headed.

The company also says that the new flash will be showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week — where the Galaxy S5 is expected to make its debut.

Samsung explains that the new flash features two “reflector-integrated flash LED packages,” dubbed the “3432 1.8t (FH341A)” and “3432 1.4t (FH341B).” There’s also a “flip-chip flash LED,” and “two side-view LEDs.”

“Samsung’s new reflector-integrated flash LEDs are designed to enable a great deal of flexibility by providing a wide FOV [field of view] within a small space through the integration of a light source, a lead frame, and a reflector with its own optics and diffusion features,” the company explains.

These things lead to better photos both in daylight and at night, Samsung says.

We’ll bring you more on Samsung’s new flash from MWC next week — hopefully alongside our first hands-on look at the new Galaxy S5.