ASUS Working On Two New Chromebooks For 2014 [Leak]

ASUS Chromebook

A leaked ASUS strategic document obtained by the folks at VR Zone reveals the company could be planning to launch a couple of new Chromebooks — known as the C200 and the C300. The leak further claims that these Chromebooks will be made available in 11.6 and 13 inch screen sizes.

Given ASUS’ expertize in making hybrid devices such as the Transformer series, this new revelation has given birth to speculation that the company might launch a dual boot Chrome OS tablet/notebook hybrid. However, this leak doesn’t shed light on any of those aspects, so this will have to remain mere speculation at this point.

ASUS isn’t new to making Google products as it has already manufactured two Nexus tablets and is rumored to be working on the third one. It also recently announced the Chromebox, which is set to hit the markets by March, so it has prior experience working with Chrome OS as well.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has been ever eager to launch a Chromebook of its own, having seen the likes of HP, Acer and Samsung excel in this category. We hope to learn more about these new Chromebooks in the coming weeks.