Pebble Explains Android Appstore Delay


Many Android users weren’t too pleased to see the new Pebble appstore rolling out on iOS — and only iOS — earlier this month. The company had promised that Android users will get the same “very, very soon,” but almost ten days on, the update is still nowhere to be seen in Google Play.

Pebble’s lead software engineer, Kean Wong, has now taken to the company’s blog to try to explain the delay.

Wong explained that Pebble is aware of its many passionate users who are running Android devices, and that Google’s platform is very important to the company — around half of which use Android smartphones themselves. But it doesn’t want to rollout a new update that isn’t properly finished and provide a poor experience.

“The reason why the Android version of the 2.0 Pebble app has lagged the iOS version is fundamentally pretty simple – it has purely been a matter of resources,” Wong wrote.

“In order to ship a high quality, reliable Android experience that will work for many thousands of users across the myriad of devices and operating systems, we need engineers working on the Android app who are both fantastic engineers and great Android developers.”


Pebble has had a small team working on the new Android app for some time, Wong said, but the appstore must run seamlessly on over 1,000 difference devices running 27 versions of Android. So, it’s not quite as straightforward as developing for iOS.

Pebble 2.0 for Android is in testing through Pebble’s developer program, but the company vows to “keep refining the Android app” until it’s perfect. “Only at that point is it ready to go out the door,” Wong added.

Wong didn’t provide a release date for Pebble 2.0 on Android — not even a rough one.