Red Nexus 5 Is Boxed Up And Ready To Start Shipping [Leak]


Packing for the supposed red Nexus 5 has shown up on Twitter, suggesting the handset’s official debut may be right around the corner. The shots above and below show the handsets in LG boxes ready to leave the company’s warehouse, and this particular batch appears to be headed to Great Britain.

We first heard Google was planning new Nexus 5 colors last week when images of the red handset were leaked online, but it was unclear at the time whether the handset had been customized by a third-party in an effort to mislead fans. These shots of its packaging will now push any doubts aside.

The photos were published on Twitter by @artyonmstar from Moscow, Russia. If you had on over to their Twitter feed, there’s plenty more of them. And if you look closely at the image below, you’ll notice the label reads “GBR” suggesting these devices are headed to Great Britain.


If they’re ready to leave LG’s warehouse, it looks like they’re ready for their official unveiling — but we’re yet to hear anything from LG or Google at this point. Hopefully, that’ll change very soon. We’re also expecting to see other color options alongside the red model.