Nexus 5 Gets Galaxy Gear Compatibility With Workaround


One of the downsides to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is that it’s only officially compatible with the South Korean company’s own family of smartphones, but a new workaround allows Nexus 5 to add Galaxy Gear support to their own handset themselves.

The workaround were first discovered by Smartwatch Fans, with the help of some members of the XDA Developers forum. It doesn’t deliver a completely seamless experience, and it takes a little effort, but it will work. If you’re itching to get hold of a Galaxy Gear, but you have no Galaxy smartphone, this should tide you over for now.

“Pretty much everything but S-Voice and weather works like a champ,” Smartwatch Fans reports. “They aren’t pretty but they do work.”

You’ll find all the files you need and the steps you need to follow in the source link below. You don’t need to root your Nexus 5 or perform any tweaks that’ll void your warranty on either device. You’ll just need a bit of time, plenty of patience, and $299 to spend on an Android-powered watch.