Possible Sony Xperia Z1 Successor Pictured Ahead Of Release [Leak]


A mysterious new Sony smartphone that’s believed to be a successor to the flagship Xperia Z1 has been pictured in the wild ahead of its official unveiling. The device looks a lot like the Xperia Z1 and it carries the “D6503” model number, and it’s thought that Sony will announce the device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February.

The D6503 boasts a 5.2-inch display, which is slightly larger than the Xperia Z1’s 5-inch display, but its resolution is still unknown at this point. As for the rear-facing camera, that’s not the 23-megapixel shooter that some reports have suggested we’ll see, but rather the same 20.7-megapixel sensor that’s in the Xperia Z1.


Sony has rearranged the ports on the new device, with the SIM card slot and micro USB port on the left side covered by a single magnetic flap, and the microSD card slot on the right side. On the Xperia Z1, the SIM card slot and microSD card slot are paired together, and all three ports have their own individual covers.

The D6503 is also expected to be even thinner than the Xperia Z1, which is already just 8.5mm thick.

MWC is just over a month away now, so it shouldn’t be too long before Sony makes the D6503 official. Until then, we could hear more about it from iRimas over at the XDA Developers forum, who is responsible for these leaked images of the device.