Test KitKat Firmware Leaked For Samsung Galaxy S4


Itching to get Android 4.4 KitKat on your Galaxy S4? Of course you are. Unfortunately, it could be a while yet before Samsung’s final release is available to the public, but if you don’t mind living life on the edge and taking a few risks, then you can install a test version of the software right now.

A pre-release test ROM, which works with the international Galaxy S4 with the GT-19505 model number, has been leaked and is available to download for all.

The update was obtained by SamMobile, who have been testing the ROM for around five days now.

“So far it’s been pretty stable,” they say, “except a few minor hiccups here and there.” That’s to be expected with pre-release firmware, of course, so don’t go into this hoping for a completely stable operating system — there’s a reason why it’s not available to the public yet.

But if you can put up with a little instability, you’ll get early access to Samsung’s latest user interface changes — including revamped status bar icons that match the original white KitKat look — as well as performance improvements and an improved Samsung keyboard with gesture typing.

Once again, this software is only compatible with the international GT-I9505 Galaxy S4, so do not attempt to install it on other models. The ROM will not increase your handset’s binary counter or void its warranty, but you may find it difficult to get Samsung support with it installed.

If you’d like to try out the ROM for yourself, follow the source link below to download the file you’ll need from SamMobile. Enjoy!