This Is How You’ll Use Galaxy Gear To Control Your Car [CES 2014]

Galaxy Gear and BMW i3_1

CoA-CES-2014The Galaxy Gear has by no means reached its full potential yet, and there are plenty of exciting developments to come for the Android-powered smartwatch. One of those will be the ability to control various features inside your car remotely from your wrist.

Samsung has teamed up with BMW to debut the technology inside BMW’s new all-electric i3, and it has been showing it off at CES in Las Vegas this week.

The Galaxy Gear connects to the i3 via a special “i Remote” smartphone app then provides users with important information about their vehicle. It can also be used to control certain functions. It’s not quite James Bond’s Ericsson JB988, though, so you can’t actually drive the i3 like a remote-controlled car.

Galaxy Gear and BMW i3_3

But you can see its battery levels and its current drivable range; the status of its doors, windows, and sunroof (whether they’re open or closed); and whether the vehicle needs service or inspection. You can also use Galaxy Gear to control the temperature of the interior remotely — perfect for warming it up on cold mornings before you head out to work — and to program the built-in navigation system.

Unfortunately, the i Remote app is just a proof-of-concept for now, so even if you have a BMW i3 and a Galaxy Gear, you cannot use it. But you can be sure that this kind of functionality will one day be available to consumers.

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Galaxy Gear and BMW i3_2