Moto X’s Hidden Notification LED Can Be Enabled With Root Access [Video]


Did you know your Moto X has a hidden LED notification light that’s disabled by default? Motorola chose to use the handset’s excellent Active Display technology to notify you of new alerts as they come in, but the handset does have an unused LED light as well. And you can activate it if you have root access.

The LED is positioned at the top of the device, right beneath its earpiece — and it’s actually pretty big compared to most smartphone notification lights. But it lights up only when your Moto X’s battery is so low on power that it cannot display the low battery symbol on screen when you attempt to start it up.

Thanks to some developers over on the XDA Developers forum, however, it’s now possible to have the LED light turn on whenever you want it to. All you need is root access on your device and a few simple commands that you need to enter into Tasker. The video at the bottom of this post will walk you through the process.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to make the Moto X’s notification LED act light a regular notification LED just yet, so you cannot tell it to activate automatically when you get new alerts. But given what those XDA devs are capable of, I’m sure it won’t be too long before this is possible.