Mystery Motorola Event Could Finally Reveal Europe’s Moto X


Motorola has today begun issuing invitations to a January 14 press event in London. “Join us on the next step of Motorola’s journey,” the invite reads, ”as we welcome a new addition to the European Motorola family of products.”

Motorola doesn’t offer any clue as to what the new device may be, but the company did mention after its Moto X unveiling in the U.S. last August that it had plans to bring a number of new devices to the European market.

Given that the Moto X isn’t available in Europe, we could see something similar — a device with better specifications than the midrange Moto G.

The Moto G has gotten off to a positive start — largely thanks to rave reviews and its excellent price tag — but some smartphone consumers will be hoping for a device with a bigger display, a better camera, and faster processors. Then there’s the Moto X’s impressive voice actions and Active Display technology, which the Moto G doesn’t support.

Many would also like to see the same kind of customization options that come with the Moto X, but given that those are are all made in the U.S., it could be a while before we see similar options opened up to international customers. Unless, of course, Motorola is planning to open up a similar factory in Europe.

Motorola has clearly been heading in a new direction with its recent Moto devices in an effort to compete with other smartphone makers, and other big brands like Apple and Samsung — and it’s very refreshing to see. I can’t think of another Android-powered smartphone that’s gotten as much hype as the Moto X in recent years.