Samsung Patent Leads To Gorgeous Galaxy Note 4 Mockup


Remember that recent Samsung patent that detailed a new smartphone, believed to be a future Galaxy Note, with a wraparound display? Well designer Jermaine Smit has turned Samsung’s illustrations into a gorgeous Galaxy Note 4 concept that looks so good it almost guarantees the real thing will be a disappointment.

The reason I say that is Samsung’s smartphones are always a little disappointing when it comes to design. They certainly don’t look bad, but their cheap plastic materials certainly don’t help them compete with devices like the HTC One and the iPhone 5s where build quality is concerned.

So given that this concept looks pretty premium and high-end, it’s best to assume the real thing will be quite different.


The most noticeable feature in this concept is the wraparound display, which extends around the edges of the device. Samsung has already launched its first curved glass smartphone — so we know it can make snazzy displays like this one — and this is exactly the design depicted in its recent patent filing.

Smit suggests that display might be encased in a metallic, unibody shell that has a slightly rounded back and smooth edges all round. This would certainly be a huge improvement over the flimsy plastic bodies we’re used to seeing from Samsung smartphones.

What do you think of this concept?