Samsung Patents Reveal Possible Galaxy Note 4 With Wraparound Display


Samsung’s already launched its first smartphone with a curved glass display, but that’s just a little taster of things to come from the South Korean consumer electronics giant. In fact, the Galaxy Round actually looks pretty boring when you compare it to the smartphone depicted in these Samsung patents, which features a wraparound display that extends around the edges of the device.

Of course, it’s possible that this particular device will never see the light of day; it is just a patent illustration after all. But Samsung has shown off a smartphone that looks pretty similar to this in the past. This time last year, the company was showcasing a concept device with a wraparound display that looked almost identical to this one at CES.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 17.16.21

SammyToday suggests this device could be a future Galaxy Note 4, given that it appears to have an S Pen stylus if you look closely at the illustrations of its back side. Curved glass would certainly be one way to increase the size of the Galaxy Note’s display without making the handset itself even larger that it already is.

These illustrations appear in two Samsung patents, neither of which contain any juicy details about the device, unfortunately. If it is a Galaxy Note successor, we’re unlikely to hear any more about it until the second half of this year.