Vizio’s New Wireless Speakers Come With Android Tablets Built-In [CES 2014]


CoA-CES-2014-bugVizio is showing off a number of new Bluetooth speakers at CES in Las Vegas this week, and they’re not your average Bluetooth speakers. They come with Android-powered tablets built-in, allowing you to play music and watch movies using all your favorite apps without the need for a second device.

Normally, if you want to listen to Spotify or Pandora through your wireless speaker, you have to load the app up on your smartphone and then stream the audio over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. But not with the new Portable Smart Audio speakers from Vizio. There are two variants — an 11-inch model and a 17-inch model — both of which have Android tablets embedded inside them.

The smaller model, which weighs just 3.6 pounds, has a 4.7-inch display and boasts maximum sound pressure levels up to 95 decibels, with a low frequency bass response as low as 80Hz. The larger model, which weighs 8.8 pounds, features a carrying handle and offers sound pressure levels up to 101 decibels, with low frequency bass response as low as 60Hz.

Both devices have built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and technologies like DTS Studio Sound, DTS TruVolume, and DTS TruSurround. They’re powered by Android 4.4 KitKat, the latest version of Google’s operating system, and they have full access to Google Play. So you can download pretty much any Android app you wish.

Vizio hasn’t yet confirmed when its new speakers will be available, or how much they’ll cost.