Google Is Now Recalling Those Overheating HP Chromebook 11 Chargers


Google has finally decided to recall faulty HP Chromebook 11 chargers that are prone to overheating, more than a month after the $279 notebook was pulled from store shelves.

The recall was confirmed by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, which confirmed that Google and HP have received nine reports of overheating chargers — one of which burned its owner.

We first heard about this issue in mid-November — just a month after the HP Chromebook 11 went on sale — when Google started removing the device from Amazon and Best Buy stores across the U.S. without explanation. A Best Buy source confirmed that they were instructed to “stop selling the Chromebook 11 effective immediately.”

Approximately 145,000 faulty chargers, which were sold with Chromebook 11 notebooks before December 1, have been recalled. Owners have been advised to stop using the charger immediately and contact Google on (866) 628-1371 between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m. PT for a free replacement.

There’s also an online form you can fill out if you can’t/won’t speak to humans.

If you have a faulty charger, you can still continue to use your Chromebook 11, but you should charge it with a different micro USB cable until your new one arrives. The one that came with your smartphone or tablet should work just fine.