Twitter To Finally Give Us The Ability To Edit Tweets After They’re Posted [Rumor]


Twitter is said to be working on a new feature that will allow users to edit tweets after they are published, The Desk reports. As things stand, the only way to fix typos and other errors is to delete your tweet and publish another one, but sources close to Twitter’s new project say that’s set to change.

“Those sources, who asked to be identified only as Twitter employees, say the feature has been a top priority at the company for months as Twitter pushes to expand partnerships among media organizations and original content producers,” The Desk reports.

The new feature is expected to be a lot like Facebook’s editing feature, which was introduced in September. After you publish a tweet, you’ll see an “edit” button next to it for a limited period of time (it’s currently unclear how long you’ll get to use it); and you’ll be able to make “slight changes” to the tweet without deleting it and republishing.

You’ll only get one edit, the sources claim, so if you don’t fix it properly the first time, it’s stuck that way. Any edits you make will appear on your own timeline, on your follower’s timelines, and in any retweets.

The aim of the new feature is to give users the ability to “immediately debunk incorrect information, especially erroneous tweets that go viral,” The Desk explains. But Twitter doesn’t want to change its existing policies and processes too much, or give its users too much freedom.

That’s why there is likely to be a limit on how many words or characters you can change when editing. Twitter doesn’t want users to tweet about a popular news story, wait until their post has received hundreds of retweets, and then change it to a promotion or advertisement.

Twitter has declined to comment on the rumor, but according to The Desk, the new feature could be available within a matter of weeks.