Bug Prevents Users From Uninstalling Apps On Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition


If you set up your new Google Play Edition Xperia Z Ultra by restoring from a backup of your previous Android-powered handset, you probably ended up with a whole bunch of apps you no longer use or need. But that’s okay, because you can just go through your app drawer and uninstall them all… right?

Wrong. It seems the new handset carries a frustrating bug that causes the handset to restart itself when its user attempts to uninstall an app.

It doesn’t matter which method you use to uninstall the app; dragging it to the trash from the app drawer, hitting the “uninstall” button in Google Play, and trying to uninstall from within the Settings app all have the same outcome. The problem is demonstrated in the video below from Android Central:

It’s worth noting that this problem is only affecting the Google Play Edition Xperia Z Ultra — not the original that runs Sony’s own version of Android. But this is the second serious bug discovered on this device; the first causes the Settings app to crash when trying to open the Security menu.

It’s almost as if the Xperia Z Ultra’s software wasn’t ready for public use. These are pretty major flaws affecting common Android features, and it’s quite incredible that they weren’t spotted and fixed before Google and Sony made the Xperia Z Ultra available through Google Play.

Hopefully we’ll see a fix pretty quickly. In the meantime, you’ll just have to deal with a few unwanted apps in your app drawer.