Google Revises Nexus 5 Design To Fix Early Issues

Notice the larger speaker holes?

Notice the larger speaker holes?

Google has made some revisions to the design of its LG-made Nexus 5 handset, with subtle differences between those bought shortly after its launch and those manufactured more recently. The revisions address a number of issues that users had discovered with the original design, including loose buttons a protruding SIM trays.

The revisions were spotted by “Shinral” on the XDA Developers forum, who notes that many early Nexus 5 adopters returned their devices due to the issues mentioned above.

As a result, Google has made some alterations to its design — the most noticeable of which is the larger speaker holes in the bottom of the device, which you can see in the picture above. It’s thought that the old speaker holes were too small, causing the speaker to be somewhat muffled and making the device “vibrate” when the volume was turned right up.

Other changes include tighter holes around the power and volume buttons, preventing them from shaking and feeling loose, and revisions to the SIM tray to ensure it sits flush with the side edge of the device.


Google did a very similar thing with the Nexus 4 last year, making some very minor changes to the rubber edge around the device, and the rear-facing camera lens — though those changes weren’t made quite as quickly following the handset’s release.

If you’re an early Nexus 5 adopter, then, you may already feel like your handset is a little outdated, and not quite as perfect as it could have been.