Google Glass Owners Get Free Upgrade


If you’re a Google Glass Explorer who paid $1,500 to get your hands on the device early, then you can expect to receive an email from Google inviting you to upgrade to the latest model free of charge. The design of the new wearable remains the same, but it’s not more durable and slightly faster.

In addition to this, the new model is compatible with prescription lenses, so those who have to wear glasses as well can now combine the two. It’s also compatible with other Glass accessories, including shades, and it comes with a mono earbud as an alternative to the built-in bone-conduction speaker.

The latest Glass model is expected to be the one that’s made available to the public early next year. But those who are in the Explorer program will be given the opportunity to upgrade for free — as long as they joined before October 28, 2013.

“We’ll be offering a one-time optional swap out for Explorers who purchased their device before October 28, 2013,” Google says in a new Glass support document. “We are always improving the software based on Explorers’ feedback, and this time, we’ve made some improvements to the hardware.”

“We want everyone to take advantage of them by offering this one-time swap out. To swap your device for the new hotness, keep your eye on your email inbox. We’ll email you with detailed instructions on how to sign up and ship your old device to us.”

You won’t be forced to upgrade, of course — you can keep your existing model if you want to. But who’s going to turn down a free upgrade?