Around 40% Of iPads Sold On Black Friday Were Purchased By Android Users


While Android may be running away with the lion’s share of the smartphone market, there’s still no doubt about what rules the roost when it comes to tablets. New data from InfoScout reveals that roughly 40% of iPads sold on Black Friday were purchased by Android smartphone users.

InfoScout obtained over 90,000 receipts from Black Friday shoppers, and it found that not only is the iPad one of this year’s hottest commodities, but that even Android users are splashing their cash to get one. The data will no doubt be a concern for Android tablet manufacturers, which are already struggling to compete with Apple’s device.

But it’s no surprise that the iPad is selling so well right now. Apple only just launched the iPad Air and the second-generation iPad mini with Retina display, and Black Friday will have been the best opportunity to buy one at a discount this side of Christmas.

InfoScout’s data seems to prove, however, that while Android has a massive user base when it comes to smartphones, a substantial share of those users are still choosing the iPad and Apple’s unmatched catalog of tablet-optimized apps when buying a tablet.

Android-powered slates have certainly improved in recent years — Google’s own Nexus 7 is one of the finest 7-inch devices money can buy. But there’s no doubt that support for larger devices from Android developers is still lacking. Lots of popular apps are still created only for smartphones, and then they’re just blown-up when installed on a tablet.

“This discovery clearly poses a challenge for Android moving forward and heightens the importance of Chromecast as Google competes for mindshare in the living room of the future,” InfoScout says.